Artist Statement

Jessica Wilkinson is a practising Fine Artist working in Leeds, currently specialising in sculptural practice. Her work has clear connections with the female body and form, playing with scale, materials, mediums and experimentation. Her ideas consider the body as a constantly changing state with the ability to adapt and grow in different physical situations. She links her work to manipulation of skin and continues themes of ‘the ideal beauty’ throughout her work. Development of her work goes through a number of processes before the final piece can be exhibited, drawing and remaking art pieces gives more depth to her work, she also enjoys casting in different materials to create contrasting states of her work. The materiality of her work is very important to create an emotional response with the audience. Her considered selection of materials/objects act as visual cues to the viewers memories and associations, provoking required emotional responses. She has a particular interest in plaster casting and liquid latex creating a conversation between materials and concept. Her current interest is surgical procedures, stretching of the skin and stretch marks. With clear links to feminist thinking she wants to bring light onto individual beauty and help eliminate the male proposed ‘ideal universal beauty’. She uses medical text books and the internet as research tools into medical procedures and plastic surgery as well as using primary photography of flesh, skin and stretch marks to create multi-medium pieces.